Tuesday, March 16, 2010

juan cole: the story of 4 maps

i wish there was a way to link to a particular blog post, not the whole blog - this post by Juan Cole on Palestine's thwarted independence is a gem, using 4 maps (showing the successive dispossession of palestinians) to tell a simple story.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

two lesbians in chilly almost-spring

a few days ago when the temperature had nosed up to 50 or so, Sara and I and Dad strolled downtown, with Toby in his stroller. two young girls maybe 15 or 16 walked toward us, blonde, in form-fitting clothes, hand in hand, jacketless. they walked fast, as if with a purpose, and before we had reached the gas station they passed us from behind. apparently the purpose was accomplished. maybe it was to stir people with surprise: maybe they wanted to announce their love in brisk almost-spring, in this time when gayness is almost-normalized, but still in small towns like this not quite normal. their heads were down, they focused on what the other was saying, talking briskly in low tones, going somewhere, with something urgent to do. but they looked cold.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

toby discussing

i am sticking my tongue out for toby. a nurse in the hospital told us babies try to imitate people right away, and would try to stick out their tongues if we did it to them. he reacts with recognition each time i do it; sometimes he even sticks his tongue out at me, knowing i am the one who engages him in this game. sometimes he just grins; sometimes he really works his tongue around in his mouth, and flicks it gingerly out. here he has a lot to say about it. there are notes of . . .what? admiration? uncertainty? complaint? happiness?

Toby Feb/March 2010