Wednesday, May 30, 2007

motofuku with you two

she’s green today, he said.
we watched and waited.
Gabi wore green she did.
i see her he said
this guy’s other place is a noodle bar he
David’s the guy behind Seinfeld he said.

the mochi ice cream
did not hurt my teeth.
newborns look like boiled
sweet potatoes, I said.
Gabi hung her head
in laughter. Boiled sweet potatoes,
she said all look alike I said.
Peter Pan was later, he said.
still pre-World War One, I said.

cultured man of business, man of
learning, woman of style
and verve and green
hung her head wine-
drowsy lychee there
was orange chocolate there was
we watched her watched pistachio
dreadlocked man held a sign outside
google slacker prophet it said
no he said Americans see the dog and think
the bum is feeding him first
a national weakness I said
expect a speech in two months
about the pitiable dogs of Baghdad and a
Schnauzer surge.

she leaned close to peonies on second
avenue. he and i were wrong about them.
the heavy scent is the lilies,
she said. but this underneath,
the smell of my childhood delicate
Chinese paintings, I said
oh yes, she that’s right she said.
the Orthodox church
is quite decentralized, he said. really I
and a lay council yes she said our life
is about the same smiling, she monks as well he
mochi ice cream doesn’t wow the lamb belly she
priests can marry Peter Pan
green she wore green she wore lychee
we watched green
Gabi emerge
that lamb belly, she said wow
he said mochi I said

and wow we were
oh spring eve we
oh we were
oh were we we
were we ever.


dogu rabi said...

wore her mumu for the foto

green g said...

great poem and I am very happy to be part of it