Tuesday, October 23, 2007

bike in the rain

Last week I finally did something I had wanted to try for a long time. It was a small thing, less than a dream, but something. It was raining outside and I wanted to go to the supermarket. Since we live near town, I think starting up the car a waste of time, fuel, and muscle.

(Is there anything quite as inefficient as a several ton metal thing fired up just to move a 160 pound human through space at a few times faster than a 20 pount bicycle?)

I straddled my bike, pushed off, and as I left the garage I pushed the button on the umbrella. There is something ridiculous, but endearing, about seeing a person ride a bike with an umbrella in one hand. It is old-fashioned, and almost fastidious -- but not very practical. Americans tend to like technology that is total and practical, such as rain ponchos or high tech suits to keep nature out. Or simply, the car.

I enjoyed it, even the part when the wind nearly blew my umbrella away. I hunkered down behind it, like a shield, jousting with the wind.

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