Sunday, October 19, 2008

Sister Gozuwa

last night Sara's mom got a call from the Great Love television channel, which is run by the Ciji Buddhist Charitable Foundation. Sara's mom is an active member of Ciji. they wanted to do an interview with her on her involvement with Ciji.

but mother-in-law did not like this idea. "Why don't you interview Sister Gozuwa?"
she said. "She is out there doing recycling 12 hours a day, every day! Why am I more qualified than her?" i admired her for making this point with them, but is she really in the dark about media people's motives? the people in charge of publicity for any organization are going to choose people deemed "attractive" to represent the organization. they care nothing for the truth. Sister Gozuwa, an old, humble, poor woman unskilled with words, will never get an interview with Great Love. Eddie Klaus senior will never become a Mormon bishop: he is small of stature and working-class. it does not matter that these people are backbones of their respective religious organizations. they do not fit the (image) bill.

i assume the interview will go ahead. maybe they will squeeze Gozuwa into some shots.

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