Saturday, January 31, 2009

grainOsand post

sometimes blogger prose, ranting and raving, is just beautiful. i let out a belly laugh in front of the computer. below is one example, from the huffington post. think about it: all these people blogging, commenting, spewing their rage and uncertainty. writing! we are becoming a nation of writers!

Woeful and willful ignorance, damming destructive delusion, paltry puritan partisanship, these are the triangulations of the GOP. This is what happens when the prize outstrips the process, the prize is gutted of its substance. Look how Bush hollowed out the integrity of the presidency. He was president but what of it? Schwarzenegger said during the past campaign that Obama needs to put some meat on his scrawny bones. No Arnold, he needs to bring some meat (where"s the beef) to the feeble state of the presidency as he inherited it. He must fill a huge void of confidence, competence, and credibility. The economy, the social order, the foreign policy direction, the energy effort, jurisprudence, ecological concerns, the healthcare initiative, education, these and more are not on the table, they have filled the room necessitating removing the table to make room for a constant flow of arriving issues and challenges of state.

The GOP cannot turn the corner on who they are until they realize the damage of what being who they are has done. How can you heal from a disease you do not admit to having? In all such cases you entertain no cures for what ails you. Thus their answer remains tax cuts, small government, and hypocritically dysfunctional (wide-stance) family values. Mr. Obama said a president needs to be able to do more than one thing at a time, such as participate in political debate and address the economic crisis simultaneously. So it is for political Parties.

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