Monday, June 15, 2009

first potatoes

these are the first crop of any kind we have harvested. how exciting it was, to dig them up and wash them off, revealing crisp white spuds. it's too bad our cooking that day did them little justice, stewing in a mediocre curry. but it was still a good feeling eating our own potatoes. maybe tomorrow i'll go out and pick that spinach that has struggled for months to attain even its puny size. . .


Anonymous said...

I love mashed potato, especially "Sara made" hahaha
How are you my dear Ben Affleck姊夫?

I don't know how to use others option, so I choose anonymous and have my name~

Ophelia(((I am quite shy about typing in English~~~

Duane and Lynette said...

Three potatos! Are there more coming or is that the end of the potato harvest?