Sunday, October 11, 2009

stories of the sea

The sea doesn’t have any stories whatsoever,
it’s got absolutely nothin’ to tell I mean it might be
might be a world as you say but it’s a silent
one Oh sea let me see you
be in you seen by you sea, my sea
It’s like this gigantic eye you know what
I mean it’s seen everything under the sun but it aint
talkin’ it just aint it aint it’s just blinking, winking
under the sunlight --
Silent stories are stories Joe, silent stories are still
stories, we can make this thing yes with a little
imagination What, are we gonna shoot a minnow
and a seagull and call it Nemo 2, a perverted
love story? Are we are we you think we can but

I was born to be on the sea on it not just
by it like some pitiful supplicant and anyhow
what would I ever need from her
The waves still scare me even though it’s a
few years ago and the weather’s good
I read after the tsunami I can’t even eat Thai food
now I’m serious it makes me think of that guy floatin’
by like he was on a lounge chair, not a word, not even
no expression just this sorta ‘oh well’ sorta look just like
shiee-yoop and he’s gone. I read something said if
you were in a boat you’d barely even notice it, a blip, but
that don’t put me at ease! It’s like knowin’ there’s a boa
constrictor wide as a hospital right under me but it’s just
brushin’ the surface a thousand miles long and you can
barely see it Didja see
didja see that a jellyfish
Jesus didja wow Christ do you really hafta shout didja
shout like that right when I’m talkin’ about the tsunami didja though?

Earhart, Earhart’s who I’m channeling
she gave herself to it and was elevated to queen; she dared
survey it alone, from above, darkling plain, metal-shelled seagull if
you will. No, no, I’m not gonna see
the movie are you kidding me, a little kissy kissy and a
little lesbian action no, no thank you,
that’s not even close to who she was, is, people were blips
on her radar-eye, she dared the empty sky and sea more horribly caught than
the narrowest prison she knew exactly what that ecstasy
was and would do to her, with her she said she said.
Joe listen, look at this, two bikes over there parked in the
sand leaning into the sun but where oh where are
the owners, huh huh you feel a story there? That’s a story?
Two bikes? I got two butt cheeks on a toilet seat
Is that a story he asked and the wind kept
on oh yeah stealthy as hell as anything while they talked
it’s a saboteur

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