Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Nap Time

This really happened
– every bit of it.
I saw signs, sure, outraged cries
that I would not help
you walk. Real anguish. Screams meant
to get me to my feet and
hands under your arms
to march through the house. I drew
the line. You wouldn’t eat, either. The sight
of the food twisted
your head aside -- my ‘yum yum
yum’ trick flopped. I hypothesized –
and brought you up to bed. Oh you wailed,
squirmed -- out of my arms,
but -- brought down again you
quietened, quiescent --

– eyes on the
sky branches fluttering their last
leaves livid and then your fingers
dug absently at my face like play-doh,
picking at my buttons,
toying my teeth that nibbled a
finger or two (it was back
to the shimmering window once or
twice though before your eyes closed
and feet kicked and
hand pressed still against my neck
resisting it and me
even after sleep had fallen
-- or, not really accepting an end).


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