Monday, June 18, 2007

in hebei

City people dream the end of the world
country people dream of the city
movies take them where they wish,
to apocalypse, or the bright lights.

I too want an end
a slow outflow, a sighing,
sunflowers sprouting in the check-out aisles
a slow end, a forgetting,
industry shuddering off to sleep.

You put your hand on the teacup
having forgotten all else, forgotten me.
I forget why I’m skimming face down
just above a harvested field
burned brown skin of earth
and I am content not to remember.

Fiberoptic cables curl
into corn floss; buildings blob;
the end is nigh, and then another.
You taste something of the past
so you set the cup down crisply
but its too late, the past is gone for good.

A late sun blooms across your limp train tracks
(noodles of steel),
and you’ve lost all but that smile,
leftover from the world of names.

2005 China

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Dusty said...

Excuse the non-sequitor:
I've responded to your comments on bluetruth.
Please read them with an open mind.