Wednesday, January 23, 2008

kinetic operation

"They understand that the kinetic operations (the battles) are just a price for entry to get in here to do what's important, which is to earn the consent of the people toward the government," Mennes said.

The American officer was speaking of his soldiers' feelings at not receiving public credit for a battle his soldiers won. They had to keep their mouths shut while the marginal Afghan troops were assigned the Potemkin victory.

I want to know: was it Mennes or the reporter who added the translation for "kinetic operations"? I want to know: what egg head living on an abstract plane beyond earth's existence would call a battle a "kinetic operation"? It is such a vacuous phrase I could drive almost any act into it and make it fit:

Dude, that was a frightening kinetic operation. I hadn't shat in 3 long days.

The kinetic operation of my car is erratic.

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