Wednesday, May 28, 2008

family in Taiwan

The top picture is of my wife with her maternal grandfather, a very rambunctious, lively man.
The next picture is of her with her parents, my in-laws, at a wetland not far from their home in Yuanli, Miaoli, Taiwan.
The bottom picture is of them and my wife's younger sister and her boyfriend atop a hill overlooking the town of Tonghsiao, where she grew up. The hilltop was marked with monuments by the Japanese because it was from this hilltop that observers spied the Russian Baltic Fleet sailing north toward Japan in 1905. This intelligence was credited with helping Japan defeat Russia in the war of that year. Interestingly, all the Japanese shrines and monuments were defaced after the "restoration" (guangfu) in 1945. But recently they have been restored from their former neglect, as historical monuments and draws for local tourists. A beautiful hilltop.

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