Sunday, April 5, 2009

arizona haunting

i was haunted by a 20/20 episode i saw a few nights ago, about a Mormon love triangle. the odd woman out, a saintly, self-abnegating woman named Fay from Arizona, once she realized she had gotten in the way of her husband's relationship with a much younger woman, starting dreaming of her own death. and she died, sleeping pills in her stomach and drowning in her bathtub. there was no proof the husband had done it, but the most disturbing fact was her own involvement in her death. she was in such mental anguish she was able to imagine her suicide (with the help of her husband) was a Godly act, that she was the good older Sister helping her younger competitor from "beyond the veil."

i saw how tortured the participants were -- the husband, the new wife, the dead woman in her letters announcing to the future wife her visions. . . in the original couple especially, the inability to accept the family broken up by divorce, but also unable to accept the reality that the relationship between husband and wife had died. and so she volunteered to save them all by dying.

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