Thursday, April 2, 2009

huff post's zionist mole

it is odd to see, on the left-wing huffington post, a small but steady stream of zionist articles in the "world" section. a few days ago i saw yet another rehashing of the right wing "hezbollah/mexican cartels" conspiracy theory, which blatantly (and absurdly, knowing hezbollah) tries to paint hezbollah as a terrorist enemy of the united states. in other words, the article tries to align american readers with israeli zionist interests. rather heavy-handedly, too. i hope HP readers are more discerning than to fall for images of bearded arabs sneaking across the rio grande with the help of mexican bandits -- but you never know.

my suspicions were confirmed today, when i saw a new zionist article replacing it: a puff piece trying to humanize Netanyahu, Israel's new leader, and even trying to make him seem like a pragmatist interested in making peace. "God's gift" (his name's meaning) is a nightmare for the region, and he has no intention of ending Israel's colonial occupation of the Palestinians and their land. Juan Cole wrote a good piece on him on his blog Informed Comment (which this blog is linked to).

why is the Huffington Post being infiltrated in this way? Who made a deal with whom?

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