Thursday, August 20, 2009


Senator Max Baucus reported that some members of the town hall audience he faced in recent days were "holding Youtubes." what he meant was "holding cameras," but the slip shows something essentially true: hand held digital video cameras are basically broadcast platforms for YouTube. i thought the slip was hilarious. imagine a crime bass saying a suspected informant is wearing an "FBI" on his body (rather than a wire).

apparently Nadya Suleman has trademarked the name "Octomom" for herself. what a miserable form of child exploitation!

the internet has impacted inane, beer-fuelled conversations in complex ways. part of these conversations' fun is their resistance to other people's attempts to prove one wrong. you can argue on and on as long as the laughs keep coming from everyone's efforts to one up everyone else. last week we had a party which revealed these changes. a discussion of a nasty form of weasel, the "fisher cat," went on hilariously until someone decided to google it. a most horrific photo came up of a grizzly-like face on a small body. we hooted and howled. so the net did not kill our joy.

later we got onto the endlessly potential topic of testicle transplants. "what if you could have like seven of em?" was one comment. "but if i had a kid the black and the white nuts would beat out the asian nut," was another. once again, someone gave in and went appealing to a higher power. this time the research cast a pall on the atmosphere. the graphic mind's eye images of doctors in 1911 sticking ape testicles into human scrotums and the like sobered me up considerably. but then later lorri looked at the name of the website scott had been consulting:
howls of laughter like a fisher cat's devilish screams.

well, maybe it wasn't all a downer.

i wish google could tell me how we got onto that topic. i better watch what i wish for. . .maybe in 20 years google will be recording human interaction and archiving it.

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