Thursday, February 5, 2015

haunted by fire (3)

separations make the american system both incredibly efficient, powerful, and also brutal. this brutality manifests in so many ways, from the mental illness and domestic violence and suicide that isolation breeds (the dark side of 'individual freedom'), to the solitary confinement and executions and prison rape of our prison system, to the concentration of foreign policy knowledge in elite hands, leaving the masses to be manipulated to emotionally charged support for wars that kill and expel millions of people. this primary evil is well-buffered from citizens, allowing us all to go about buying bread and pumping gas and steaming broccoli as if nothing were wrong, no one being tortured, no one being exploited or left on the street to die. in fact, the buffering processes themselves are a second and enabling form of evil which allows the original evil deeds to flourish.

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