Sunday, February 8, 2015

Yuanli (4)

I dragged Toby away – the wind was not letting up, even though the sun was out – and I let them play briefly on the old people’s exercise equipment installed next to the canal. There is a sign, ubiquitous in Taiwan: ‘such and such district wishes to thank legislator X and mayor Y for allocating the funds to construct this exercise area.’ There is grass planted, strewn with wind-dried dog poop. Pax and Toby played with various wheels on the equipment. Autistic kids are enthralled by round things, especially ones that move. I saw the 4 black goats munching weeds across the road last week (only the billy goat tied) were no longer there. Toby had said ‘doggies,’ when I first asked him what they were. Elated by the sun and caffeine, I even tried explaining how electricity went through the overhead wires and powered the trains we saw stopping at the station.

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