Friday, November 16, 2007

in my day. . .

today in the lounge of the assisted living residence where i work an old man commented to me how fast everyone drives on I-95. "i go 65, and never pass anyone. i guess in my day i drove like that, but not anymore."

what a curious phrase: one's youth is "one's day." furthermore, youth is not a matter of days, but "day." does "day" here mean something like "era" or "time"? if someone says "in my day," is the implication that the current age belongs to other, younger people? or is it instead that each person has a different "day," a personal era when one was at the height of powers and beauty? and this day is only spoken of in this way when it has already gone, as if the sun is only spoken of once it has set. . .a phrase of melancholy, but also of pride.

"i wanna get my boobs done," said a 17 year old girl in the kitchen at work. she is a nice looking girl, in her day if anyone ever was. but she does not see it that way. she wants to buy some accessories that are inserted under her skin.

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