Sunday, November 4, 2007

jack o'lantern pie

The pie is a success. I pureed the baked pumpkin pieces in the blender (with some added bits of spatula tip) and mixed in evaporated milk, two eggs, garlic, and a bunch of spices (sage, white, black and red pepper powder, salt, oregano). I picked dark meat off the chicken I had boiled and placed it in the bottom of the pie crust; on top I scattered chopped up onion. Then I poured the pumpkin over it and cooked at 425 and 350 for almost an hour.

When it came out, I tasted it and found it was much saltier than expected. So this morning I had to add another step -- pureed more pumpkin, added in some chicken broth and butter, as a topping for the pie, to balance out the saltiness. It was delicious!

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