Saturday, November 17, 2007

the internet and democracy

this is an interesting interview with legal scholar Cass Sunstein, who argues that the internet is increasing political polarization, by allowing and encouraging people to only view things that suit their preferences. some of his reasoning i find to be shallow, such as arguing that some opinions are "inherently" more believable -- without regard for how a person is situated vis a vis opinions. but overall i think his reasoning has basis. i know i often seek out only leftist or liberal views. it is comfortable. but then i also crave contact, debate, combat. i feel bored just reading what i already think. so i do sometimes seek out conservative blogs, and it fires me up -- and makes me more sure that tolerance for difference is a civil religion we desperately need. and in no way does tolerance for others mean we must temper our opinions or the fierceness of our clashes.

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