Tuesday, September 23, 2008

little skin's bath

today i saw pipi's shadow under the garage door as i raised it. she came to me once i had put down her food, as she usually does. she wants some affection first. i had prepared the bucket of water and bottle of shampoo. i scratched her stinky skin. i lifted the scoop from the bucket and showed it to her. she seemed wary, and walked away. i called her and she came back. i put one hand on her back and lifted up the scoop and poured slowly over her back, talking to her. she quivered, but stayed. i could hardly believe it. i did the whole thing with one hand holding her in place, the other sudsing her up and rinsing her. once she was rinsed she shook herself dry and began rolling in the dirt. no!! i ran over with an old cloth and dried her off. i could hardly believe how nice it was to feel her clean hair under my fingers. she no longer stank!

on bike to the net cafe, she and dabai, another stray, trotted behind me. they clearly enjoyed parading through alleys they never traverse. pipi took the opportunity to bark bombastically at all potential enemies. i had to push them out the door of the cafe several times before they got the message.

to think, when i first saw her she was on the edge of death, a pariah without dog friends, cowering before all other dogs.


Suzanne and Dan said...

Your kindness is one of your hallmarks, brother!!! The language/actions of love and kindness knows no bounds.....and trust is a byproduct I think. Please take a picture of Pipi all cleaned up we would all love to see this dog!

Suzanne and Dan said...

It's amazing what a little love and attention can do! This is great Brian.
Hey-if you are interested, I just posted some pics on my blog about our sisters get together-we had a lot of fun!

Suzanne and Dan said...

This is great Brian! It's amazing what a little love and attention can do!

Duane and Lynette said...

I love little pipi!! She is so little and sick and stinky. Thank you so much for saving her and loving her and giving her such a nice bath!! I love you for helping her to live.