Wednesday, September 3, 2008

two hats, two rings

by the way, my hat, while stylish, was impractical, blowing this way and that as i tried to show it off to the noontime crowd in Hsinchu. ah well.


asmisya said...

Hi Bri,
how are you? are you still in Taiwan?


Suzanne and Dan said...

Brian and Sara,

I love the rings and the hats!!! You look so happy together-and cute! It is so nice to be able to see you across the waters on this site. It keeps us all close. I have set up a blog also-but I am not sure what the address is-I have called it The Gallup Post-I was going to put Poll-but did not know if there would be a problem from THE Gallup Poll people!
Have a great day, we hope to see y'all soon!!!
Love, Suzanne