Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Green Zone/Red Zone

Naomi Klein's famous section on "categories of people" in the contractors' world (p.413-414):

"It [the Green Zone] feels, oddly, like a giant fortified Carnival Cruise ship parked in the middle of a sea of violence and despair, the boiling Red Zone that is Iraq. If you can get on board, there are poolside drinks, bad Hollywood movies, and Nautilus machines. If you are not among the chosen, you can get yourself shot just by standing too close to the wall.

Everywhere in Iraq, the wildly divergent value assigned to different categories of people is crudely evident. Westerners and their Iraqi colleagues have checkpoints at the entrance to their streets, blast walls in front of their houses, body armor and private security guards on call at all hours. . . .In Iraq, the lucky get Kevlar, the rest get prayer beads."

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