Friday, July 13, 2007

n.korea proposes peace talks

here is the link to the story:

We see today one of the clearest reportings of North Korea's wish for a peace treaty between the US and itself. Rarely does the US media report on these frequent statements, choosing instead to focus on bizarrely translated, rhetorically overheated propaganda statements about turning the south into a "lake of fire," etc etc.

The reporting was still hedged around with the usual we-can't-trust them wording. But the last line of the story was telling. After explaining why these people were untrustworthy -- again reporting some of their rhetoric -- it reads that the US and South Korea had not given any response.

North Korea is begging us for a peace treaty. Just because they surround their requests with macho posturing does not mean they do not want it. It just means they refuse to let their call be seen as a surrender.

North Korea is not democratic, clearly. I have no intention of praising or supporting their political system. My only point here is to stress that they are a weak, isolated, desperately poor country which realistically threatens us not at all. We, the US, hold all the cards. It is time to make peace with them. They have no chance of democratizing while we tighten our grip around their throats (much as in Cuba).

Or do we not in fact want peace, or democracy? Is it perhaps better to continue holding them by the balls, strangling them into submission?

The Official Media here in the US has done a good job over the years of bowing to government wishes and portraying North Korea as evil, erratic, dangerous, untrustworthy, all half truths, all expressed so as to keep up public support for America's belligerent policy of isolating and ruining the country and regime. The media did a great job serving the state, editing out our crimes and magnifying theirs. But it is time for peace.

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