Saturday, July 14, 2007

poems by strobe

as usual, i was surfing randomly through blogs for fun, and came unexpectedly upon some mad mad poetry, of a violent ripping ecstatic force! god, it makes me feel like my poems are some kind of genteel stately old woman uttering calm phrases at a long dark table. . . this strobe is unbelievable. some of his/her poems go too far towards incoherence and absurdity i think, giving us nothing to hang on to, but many of them give you enough of a line, a story, a cast of voices, to be buffeted by madness and still hang onto some shreds of sanity, which look even more pitiful after the tsunami of words has dripped away.

looks like Strobe did what i did: wrote stuff for a couple of years and suddenly and finally decided a blog was about the only way he could realistically get people to read his writing. so he posted like 135 posts the first month!! i think there were like 16 views of his profile. but his writing kicked ass i thought. good writing shines through, does it not? i hope. . . which is not the same as saying good writing will make money or gain great fame. but it does sear itself into the flesh of those who have touched it. rock on, oh sutralectric poet!

look at "oblivion" on sorry i could not see a way to link it to this blog.

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Anonymous said...

I have been slowly converting much of my friend's poems into music, if you are interested you can hear some at Strobe (Tim) also writes and records his own music which I hope to convince him to post online someday in it's original raw format. He is alive and well in 2013.