Sunday, July 15, 2007

zounds! empire of loons!

militant birds smash holes in the scoreboard
chattering crass bulletins of war against us
Zounds! Aves shoma-ye musuh yang setia bist*leaflets screech
in mishmash person-speak but all interpreters have gone over to them
sparrow fists knock out lit-up Gap ads willy nilly
youth go dark once sun-browed they shudder gimpy
they fumble with a smoke but it’s a target
for bird insurgent brushfire and brash beak-snippery
and precision plucking haywire the Birds its real now bitch
Gad! slapstick congeals even Conan falters into yogurt tomfoolery
bushwhacked guanxi goons fry in gravy boats snitching on
Prada primping bald-faced lynch mobs
pelican commandos burst confetti
on bewildered media handlers entreating wildebeests armed
against gandy-dancer lobbyist plots in the swooping zoom
browbeat of hamfisted squirrel jihadis
large-livin’ defense contractors take the fifth in bivouac waffling
those insomniac albatross Bushmen furrow brows from on high
a sizzling is heard hard and red insane as tactical nuke witches
a blistering Big Mac looms in the last frippery of sunset
loons trumpet jitterbug blitzkrieg and Freeport stock sags at last
amidst poker chips and laws shrilly splattered
on our neckties we squabble in hope of GPS amnesty
our lips move jabber-praying O hawkish kingpin
O Boewulf blogspirit O space shuttle puncture wound
this endzone brouhaha thriller is up
this titanic dither of ticker tape is done.

* birds are your loyal enemy (Latin Persian Indonesian German)

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